Pho and Fox

This past Sunday, I went with Andrey, David and Patrick on an evening out on the west bank, a more than somewhat unusual occurrence. They wanted to go to a Vietnamese restaurant on the west bank for some pho soup. They picked me up and we drove past a few possibilities but they were all closed. We ended up at Three Happiness restaurant on Lafayette Street. I went there once before a few years ago with Jessica and the décor, or lack thereof, was nothing like what I remembered. The food wasn’t too bad though.After dinner we went to Honey’s pool hall on the west bank expressway. We played pool at a bar on Magazine a few weeks before but it was a bit cramped so this was a better venue for the game, if not the scenery. We played several rounds before leaving sometime around 11.Rather than go over the river, we went to a Rally’s on Gen De Gaulle and went to my house to eat and talk for a while. I think it was close to one before my guests left for the evening.On Monday I made some calls and was able to schedule an interview with Fox 8 for an internship for the fall. As part of my upcoming Media Arts Practium class, I am required to have an internship. I had the interview on Tuesday afternoon which went rather well as it seemed I was “hired” as soon as I walked through the door. I met with the managing news editor, Nancy DeCorte, and eventually was given a tour of the studio by a current intern and was introduced to a few people working there including Bob Breck, their resident meteorologist for evening newscasts.On Wednesday after work, I went to the movies with Andrey and David. I got a cab to David’s house and then Andrey picked us up to go to the AMC theater in Elmwood. We saw Funny People, a movie with Adam Sandler and Seth Rogen. I couldn’t call it a great film but it was funny and entertaining. We went to the 10:30 showing and I didn’t get back home until well after one in the morning.Thursday had the makings of a typical workday but Dad’s car broke down in the afternoon as he was picking Andrew up from an appointment. Mom retrieved them and eventually me close to six o’clock. We went to dinner near the office at Venezia where I had lunch on Wednesday. Dad and I had the lasagna, Mom had stuffed shells and Andrew had some sort of combination plate. That evening, I spent a lot of time doing laundry as I needed clothes washed for a trip I’m taking tomorrow.

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