Another Long Weekend

With Dad’s car in the ship through the morning we didn’t make it to the office today. I used the extra time to get ready and finished packing for a trip to Ruston this weekend. I was taking a train to Jackson this afternoon so I had to call a cab to get to the station. The train departed shortly before two this afternoon. The ride was reasonably smooth an uneventful. Unfortunately the train didn’t have a observation car to sit in.The train arrived a few minutes early. Krystle was still a half hour away from Jackson so I waited outside. The weather was cool and it rained sporadically. When she arrived we went to the nearby Mayflower Cafe for dinner before the drive to Ruston. It was a bit late to do anything when we arrived.Saturday evening, we went to the theater after Krystle made dinner. We went to see District 9, a sci-fi film with an interesting premise and less than stellar execution. I shared Roger Ebert’s lament that an otherwise intelligent film devolves into a firefight in the third act. On Sunday we got out of the house in the afternoon and went to Raising Cane for lunch and probably paid Krystle’s family a visit. Krystle’s roommate Sabrina hosted a party on Monday that made going home on Tuesday rather imprudent and inconvenient. Tuesday afternoon, we had a late lunch with Krystle’s roommates Sabrina and Thomas at Chili’s after dropping off Krystle’s dog at her mom’s house. The canine was sick with worms. We went to the movies again that night and saw Julie & Julia, a lightweight and inoffensive film about Julia Child and Julie Powell, who cooked through Child’s imposing Mastering the Art of French Cooking in one year. It was a decent date movie but I would have enjoyed a well-made biopic of Julia Child more.On Wednesday morning, we had to leave for Jackson early. We didn’t leave the house until nine in the morning which was later than we should have but I was able to catch the train to New Orleans, just barely. The train pulled away less than a minute after I found a seat. During the ride I listened to an audiobook, a reading of Sun Tzu’s The Art of War and played with my laptop. The train arrived early at around three o’clock and Dad was at the station to pick me up and go to the office for the remainder of the workday. When I got home, the remaining parts for the Blackberry were waiting for me and I installed them to finally have a fully functional Blackberry 8800. I also put in an 8 GB memory card for music and videos.

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