Jazz and West Coast Swing

Again, I am behind in posting and I don’t remember much from Wednesday. I had a reasonably full day on Thursday. I spent the whole workday getting a mid-term assignment done for online journalism. I had to write up to 1000 words on the upcoming election. I managed to finish before I had to leave for campus this afternoon. I’m not sure how well it will go over with the professor, however.This evening’s class was a continuation on interviewing which was discussed last week. Mr. Greenberg showed us some more interviews and at the end of class we interviewed fellow students for next week’s writing assignment.I finished with my ‘interviewing’ shortly after seven. I walked over to Dixon Hall where Ellis Marsalis was playing a free concert. Accompanying him were the three familiar musicians that can be seen at his Snug Harbor performances including xylophone player Roman Skakun. The auditorium was nice and crowded. Following the hour-long set, Mr. Marsalis took questions from the audience. For the most part, the questions had him speaking about his background in music including his teaching days at NOCCA. One of the questions was a request to play “A Night in Tunisia.” Marsalis quipped that he could play if he was in Tunisia at nighttime. At the end of the question period, the Marsalis quartet took a crack at the song, even though they had never played the song together before.Afterward, I went to the Reily Center for ballroom dancing this evening. This was the first week of west coast swing and there were about 26 people in attendance. I had fun but I did have trouble picking up the basic step, which really isn’t that complicated. After ballroom I ended up talking to Andrey on the corner of Willow and McAlister until I got a cab home at about 11.

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