Catch Up

Another week gone by with no posts. There has almost been enough going on to post but I just haven’t felt like bothering. Tuesday’s advertising class was of no particular circumstance. On Wednesday we spent a lot of time learning how to use our financial calculators. Thursday’s online journalism class was about interviewing. We received out take home mid-term assignment, 1000 words on the state of the election five days out. That night’s ballroom dancing session was a lot of fun. I was finally getting used to the moves. Next week we will start west coast swing and I’ll be back to looking like a complete novice.After work on Friday, I assembled my new computer desk, a Safco 54 inch reversible top desk. The surface edges took some slight damage in shipment, but not enough for me to want to bother replacing it. I also attached a couple Balt 66350 cable management trays, which will keep all the wiring hidden. I used large binder clips top attach the trays since I’m a bit lazy and I preferred a non-destructive means of making additions to the desk. I also bought a Belkin Concealed Surge Protector which I attached to the back of the desk’s modesty panel with “Industrial Strength” Velcro. The florescent backlighting was also attached with Velcro.Finally, I installed a Humanscale M7 dual monitor arm I scored on eBay last week. It’s an absolutely beautiful piece of hardware, which is to be expected considering the obscene retail price. The only remaining piece to the puzzle in another 22 inch monitor to match the Samsung I have now.Jeff was in town this weekend which really didn’t affect me much although I was compelled to keep my door shut a little more often than usual. I watched The Motorcycle Diaries and Juno on Saturday and Sunday respectively. I didn’t have class on Monday and I elected not to go on Tuesday.

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