The Balance Sheet

Dad mentioned the washing machine wasn’t working this morning, although the electrical outlet is good. I did not have a great deal of work to do at the office this afternoon, but I did get some reports ready to go out.Dad took me down Canal Street to catch the 4:10 shuttle this afternoon. I went to the bookstore when I got to campus with the intention of buying a small binder to hold some handouts for class. As is frequently the case, there was a long line that I did not need to be in badly enough. I sat in the LBC dining room for a little while with my laptop for a little while before class this evening.Tonight’s introductory finance class covered the basics of the balance sheet and investments and loans such as T-Bills, stocks and bonds. I was having a hard time paying attention so I’ll probably be reading the chapters a couple times this week. After class, Dad picked me up in front of the LBC. Apparently he was still in the neighborhood. When I got home this evening I read a reply e-mail from the professor of an advertising class I’ll be signing up for in lieu of the Photoshop class. The e-mail included the first assignment, a short critique of that I took care of this evening. Later on I talked to Krystle and watched most of the movie 10, which is one of the funniest movies I’ve ever seen.

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