Digital Design I

I had a few things in storage that I got back last night, one of them being a hard drive that belongs in my desktop PC. With that back at home I was able to put my computer back together this morning before work. I didn’t get it hooked up until this evening though.After work this afternoon, Dad drove me out to Tulane’s Elmwood campus in Harahan. I signed up for a class called, Digital Design I, essentially an introduction to Adobe Photoshop. I have wanted to take a class like this for a couple years but it is only offered at the distant Elmwood campus which presents a significant inconvenience to me. With the increased likelihood that I’ll be driving soon I decided to sign up anyway.The class takes place in a small G5 Mac lab. There were 14 other students registered for the class. When the class finally got started, the professor, Martin Straka, went over the syllabus and what the class entails. The first lesson was today as well, in which the instructor went over some basic functions in Photoshop. Although I have nearly no experience working with Photoshop, I really didn’t learn anything new today. Based on the syllabus, it doesn’t look I’d learn much of anything through the whole semester. I could probably learn anything I don’t already know with some tutorials on the Internet. During the break I glanced at the textbook for the class which pretty much confirmed my thinking on this. Although the class offers an easy A and probably some fun projects, it’s just not worth going out to Harahan and back once a week. Perhaps next semester I will sign up for Digital Design II, which would be more challenging.

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