"Waiting on Gustav"

Unlike just about every other Saturday ever, I woke up at about 8 this morning… just because I was awake. Mom had me to mow the back lawn this morning, which seemed like rearranging the deck chair on the Titanic. I spend the rest of the morning and afternoon packing clothes and some other belongings and watching TV. I also helped get certain things off the ground which may or may not save some things depending on the possibility of mold intrusion.At one point this afternoon I went with Dad to a U-Haul storage facility to move some belongings out of the house. Dad’s space is on the third floor of what looks like a pretty sturdy building so the stuff kept there should be safer than what’s left at home.This evening we packed both cars almost completely so we will have only a minimum of work to do before we evacuate early tomorrow morning. I’m taking a lot of my portable electronics, some hard drives, five days of clothing, photographs, my scrapbook and a painting. I own very few things that are irreplaceable so packing things has not been any ordeal for me.

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