I met Khadijah for lunch at Monjunis this afternoon. Krystle was with me and Gerard accompanied Kali. I showed up at noon and Khadijah arrived at 12:30. There was some food to much on while we waited. I last saw Khadijah during my previous visit to Ruston last March. A lot of the conversation over lunch was about what we’ve both been up to lately. I had the lasagna and a piece of milky way cake for dessert.A little later in the afternoon, Khadijah and Gerard came over to Krystle’s apartment for a while. Krystle had Guitar Hero and DDR to amuse ourselves. They visited for a couple hours before Khadijah had to leave because she was working this evening.Later tonight Krystle and I watched a couple episodes of House that she wanted to show me. We drove to Hong Kong Buffet to get some carry-out for dinner. I tried my hand at painting toenails(not mine). I think we watched a movie later on too but I don’t remember which one.

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