Vizard’s, Otra, Sake

I don’t remember doing much with my afternoon outside of chores around the house. I cleaned some of the vents in the living area and a ceiling fan.Later this evening, Krystle and I went out to dinner at Vizard’s on Magazine Street, the place owned by Patrick’s dad. We arrived at 7:15. Having not made reservations, we were unable to get a table in the cramped restaurant so we sat at the bar. The sparse menu has about six choices for two courses. We both started with the andouille gumbo, which was quite good. It had an unusual sweet taste. Later, I had fish, the name of the entree escapes me. Krystle had the lamb chops, which were also excellent. We were to meet some friends of mine this evening but we still had time to kill so I suggested we go somewhere on Frenchman. We couldn’t get any attention at the Marigny Brasserie so we went to the Praline Connection for some dessert. I had the bread pudding and Krystle had the praline cheesecake.After dessert we eventually made our way to the Blue Nile. Otra was playing there this evening. The music didn’t start until 10:30 but we were able to carry on conversation before then. Andrey and Patrick joined us sometime after ten. We remained there for a while to hear Otra and later wandered around a bit to a couple other places over the course of the evening. We stopped at a reasonably new sake bar called Yuki. I had not had sake before and I was impressed. Unfortunately the place had no air conditioning so we did not stay long. We later met up with a familiar face from high school, Darryl Cook who tagged along with us for a while. One of our last stops was another establishment with pizza and lacking air conditioning.I think we called it a night sometime after one. I don’t remember doing anything before bed. I would have been pretty tired.

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