Pirates Exam

Dad left the house early this morning to work at the west bank this morning leaving me at the house for a while. I probably should have spent the free time studying but I read that there was a Zune software update so I fooled with that for a while. There was no large noticeable change for me as I don’t use the marketplace. Both the firmware and software seem a bit more polished, however.Dad swung by around noon to pick me up and take me to the mid city office. I spent most of the workday studying for tonight’s exam. I did stop at about 1:30 to get lunch at Subway. At 4 I left for the day to take the streetcar downtown so I could catch the shuttle to campus.This evening, I took the final exam for pirate societies class. It was another written exam with 10 short answer identifications and three essays. Thanks to my studying I think I did well on the IDs. I did well enough on two of the essay questions but I didn’t know enough about buccaneers to flesh out the third essay.Dad picked me up after class. Later this evening I watched the Indiana primary coverage, which dragged on after midnight, with Hillary Clinton winning just barely.

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