History Exam

There was no hurry to get to the office this morning. I had time to get lunch before we left today. I only worked on a couple reports today before I left for the day at three. Dad dropped me downtown for the 3:10 shuttle.I went to the LBC after getting to campus. I stopped in the bookstore for some bluebooks and ran into Larry, my old boss who I saw play with New Leviathan this past weekend at Jazz Fest. We spoke for a little while, mostly about the fest and other gigs the orchestra has played. Before my final exam this evening I did a little studying before heading to Hebert.This evening was the history in everyday life exam, which consisted of several short answer questions and four essays. I think I did reasonably well but the professor may not like the short length of my essays. Dad was waiting for me out front when I finished, about an hour after the exam started.I didn’t do much later this evening outside of watching the final quarter of the Hornets game.

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