"Spring Break"

Recent events and preoccupations have again kept me from making my regular updates. I intended to write individual posts for the weekend as there was enough going on.Last weekend, I went to all three Tulane baseball games versus Oakland University. Friday’s game was a bit tight, but we did win 3-0. The Saturday and Sunday matches looked like t-ball games with 19-0 and 16-0 wins respectively. This was the first series shutout for Tulane in a few years. On Saturday I left the game early to see Bill Clinton speak at Fogelman Arena on the Clinton Global Initiative. I’m not a fan of his but I’d never seen a president in person before and figured I’d enjoy it. I had my camera with me and took a couple respectable photos.Before heading to the baseball game on Sunday, Dad and I stopped at East Jefferson Hospital to visit grandma Janet. Dionne was already there and informed us grandma’s condition had significantly worsened of late. She passed away Monday night.On Tuesday I was home from work as Mom and Dad were out for the afternoon making funeral arrangement for Dad’s mom. I presume Dionne was with them. Wednesday was a reasonably normal work day as far as I can remember.The family including myself was out the door early Thursday morning for the visitation and funeral services at Lake Lawn Metairie. Much of grandma’s family and a handful of friends were there. I’d seen many of them somewhat recently at Uncle Joe’s service. Shortly after 12 there was a funeral service held in an adjacent chapel. The priest who officiated it the Priest at grandma’s church so he seemed to be somewhat acquainted with her. Following that there was a procession to a cemetery in the 9th ward where she was laid to rest.I can’t remember if I worked or not on Friday, it would have been a short day if I did. That evening I went out with Patrick and David to Club 300 on Decatur Street. Earlier in the day I looked at the music listing and didn’t see much of anything familiar but I did see that Astral Project’s sax player Toni Degradi was behind jazz vocalist Mary Jane Ewing, which I figured would probably be a decent show. I caught a cab there and arrived shortly before 8. David and Patrick followed not long after. The music started not long after 8:30. We ordered some drinks, an appetizer and later dessert to hold our table. This was my first time to this particular club. It’s a nice place to hear music but I wouldn’t equate it with Snug Harbor. We left there shortly after nine and walked to Melange for a while and saw Jeremy Davenport. After a round there we drove out to The Frat House where Patrick wanted to meet three high school friends of his. I think Nick, Steve and Claire were their names. We had some drinks there too and I lost a round of pool to David. After perhaps another hour there we all piled into Patrick’s little VW beetle and went to Friar Tucks, an equally splendid drinking establishment. I was there until 1:45 when I decided I’d had enough fun for the night and caught a cab home.The rest of the weekend was pretty quiet. I didn’t catch any of the Tulane baseball games this weekend. I did get out of the house to go to Loew’s with Mom to buy some mundane things for the house.

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