Dad and I arrived at the office shortly after 11 this morning. I spent the afternoon working on record copies and discharge reports. We left the office at 4:30 this afternoon. Dad dropped me off on campus after making a stop downtown.I was planning on attending a TUCP event but it didn’t start on time and I wouldn’t have been able to see the whole thing anyway. I saw Patrick in the LBC and handed off a disc he asked for. We ended up walking to PJs for a little while before I went to class this evening.Tonight’s small group communications class was the second week of the second in-class discussions. Unlike past classes I was not a participant in any of the discussions this evening.Ballroom dancing tonight was the first week of Rumba. There were similarities to waltz but not so much that there was any great benefit to having just learned some of it. For a first session, there was a lot of material but I think I did alright. The review at the start of next week’s class will certainly help though. Afterward I caught a cab home. I can’t remember what, if anything, I did later that evening.

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