Poor Clock

I believe Dad and I arrived at work sometime around noon today. He was no particular hurry to get to the office this morning. I think I worked on discharge reports this afternoon for the short time I was there. Dad took e to the shuttle stop to catch the 3:40 shuttle to campus.This afternoon’s weather and climate class was about hurricanes with some limited discussion on Katrina. After class we got back our tests from a couple weeks ago I did very badly. Dad had just arrived to pick me up when class was dismissed.Later this evening I worked on setting up rsync via Deltacopy to sync my remote backup drive and my home PC. I couldn’t get it to work so I talked to my old roommate John who was only able to replicate my error message but he had some good ideas for things I can try when I’m at the office tomorrow which should get things running. I also took home a flip clock which I had at the office that stopped working this afternoon. I found that the motor does not start when you plug it in but if you flick the flywheel it will start running fine on its own.

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