It was dark and raining profusely outside when finally woke up at about quarter to ten. Luckily Dad was in no hurry to drive in that weather. We finally left for the office at about 11:30. Over the course of the workday I worked on some dictation and got a number of reports I’ve done in previous days ready to mail out.Dad and I left the office at 5:15 to go to campus. We continued the group discussions in ‘small group communications’ class. They weren’t quite as entertaining as last week. I only participated in one tonight about campus parking.After class I walked with Ms. Ebel to her car and then over to the Willow lab for a few minutes. Following that I went to Reily for ballroom dancing this evening. This week was the first of four waltz lessons. There was a nice crowd this evening with several new faces. The basic step for waltz is essentially the box step which I regret was actually a bit of a challenge. After the lesson I caught a cab home in front of the LBC.

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