Tulane vs. Memphis

Comparatively speaking, the office was quiet at the office for a Wednesday, at least as long as I was there. Dad later told me we had right new patients today. I got a ride down Canal to the shuttle at 3:30.This afternoon’s weather and climate class was largely about air pressure. The class also covered chapter seven but I left at the break to get to tonight’s Tulane basketball game early. Tulane played undefeated Memphis at Fogelman this evening at seven. Before the game there was a band playing outside and WOW caf had some food for sale. I got some of the mediocre jambalaya having skipped lunch today, except for a cannoli at two.Attendance at the game this evening was very impressive in both size and enthusiasm. Fogelman looked sold out. The atmosphere remained impressively positive in spite of what looked like a blowout on the court. Tulane has a perfectly respectable basketball team but they didn’t look so great against what is probably the best college team in the country. At the half, Tulane was down 27-46 and the final score was 71-97.After the game, I went down to the Boot by myself to get a drink and wait for Mom and Dad to come pick me up. They were already out for the evening; tonight is their 26th wedding anniversary. Later on I caught up on some TV watching before bed.

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