Tulane vs. SMU

I think lunch from Five Happiness was the highlight of the workday today, I don’t remember getting much done. Dad took me to the shuttle for 3:40. This afternoon’s weather and climate class covered chapter two of the book I don’t have yet. The professor discussed the heating of the earth’s atmosphere, how the earth takes in and subsequently radiates the sun’s heat.After class I walked over to Fogelman Arena. Tulane’s basketball team played SMU at seven this evening. I got there about a half hour before the game started. I brought my camera with me this evening to shoot some pictures of the game. Basketball isn’t the easiest sport to shoot, especially with the inadequacy of my lenses. Before the game I got to speak with Dave Browning, who shoots Tulane sporting events regularly for the university.Dad arrived just before tip-off. The first half of the game was pretty close even though Tulane was a 14 point favorite. Tulane only managed to get the lead at the half with an awesome three pointer by David Gomez at the buzzer.In the last 10-12 minutes of the second half, Tulane gradually pulled ahead. Their defense started to look pretty good. Tulane won the game with comfortable lead with a final of 67-52. When I looked at my pictures later this evening, I found that my technique needs about as much work as my lens speed.

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