I worked from about 11 to 4:30 this afternoon. During the workday I got a few discharge reports done. Dad dropped me downtown just in time for the 4:40 shuttle.After dropping Ethics last week, I had another new class, small group communications. I have already satisfied my public speaking requirement but there were no other real choices for Thursday night. The first half of class was a lecture about the basics involved in group interaction. It involved a lot of vague terms and was a bit dull. After the break, the class broke up into groups to continue a discussion on difficulties in graduating from the school of continuing studies. Last week they apparently came up with a list of about ten things. Tonight the group had to agree on the top three. I was absorbed into group 3, which has a familiar face from a class both this semester and last. We worked very well and had no real trouble deciding. Our top three were limited class availability, time management and the cost of textbooks. The first group was considerably less agreeable and sucked up a lot of class time, although they were entertaining. Class was dismissed a bit “late” at 8:20.After class I eventually made my way to the Reily Center. Tulane Ballroom started up again for the semester this evening at nine. Turnout was good but girls outnumbered guys over two to one not that I’m complaining. I recognized most people but there were a few new faces. The first dance style up this semester is Cha Cha. I caught on to the basic step without too much trouble but some of the moves introduced later on still elude me. It’s nothing I can’t get with practice though.Later on, after waiting at PJ’s for a bit before meeting up with Andrey, Patrick and Veronica to go out for the evening. We had a small group so our plans weren’t very ambitious. We went to a little tea place uptown called the Neutral Ground. It’s a neat little place. Andrey, Patrick and I played a long game of Scrabble. Sadly, I lost to Patrick and Andrey, which was especially embarrassing since English is Andrey’s second language.We left there around one to go home. I was hungry and not in a hurry to get home so I went to the Rat to get something to eat before heading home. On Patrick’s recommendation I got the philly cheese steak sandwich and some fries. The fries were great but the sandwich was pretty average no surprise really. Later on around two I got a cab home.

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