Winter Break

With school out, most of my time has been spent with work and wasting time at home. I bought a copy of Unreal Tournament 3 this week. It’s a decent game but my hardware struggles with it. Having skipped a post on the 22nd, I missed the fifth anniversary of the daily log. I’m not sure exactly how long I figured I’d keep this up when I started it during my senior year of high school, but I think it will last until I graduate from college and I’m well on my way to that. I would concede that it’s odd and childish to keep such a journal, but I often find it useful when I want to remember some place I went to or something I did. Without this log, I would often frustrate myself by not remembering some mundane fact. Thanks to this I can just look it up who knows; maybe my posterity will find it interesting someday. If nothing else, it could serve as a fine sleep aid.The Sunday before Christmas, my Dad’s family came by our house for the afternoon. In all the previous years we’ve lived in New Orleans, it was always us that went to see them in Metairie on Christmas Day. After years of prodding, however, Dad got it his way. The afternoon went nicely, aside from the Saints game. We had plenty to eat and drink.I went out that evening and met Andrey, Patrick and David, who was a friend of Jeff’s. They met me at the Dragon’s Den not long after ten. There was supposed to be live music there but they never showed so we only stayed for one round. I almost fell sad for the bartender since we were the only customers in there. After walking around a bit, stopping at d.b.a., we ended up at the Spotted Cat. It wasn’t overly crowded so were able to talk and enjoy the music without any hassle. After we left there we made our way to Caf du Monde for some beignets before heading home for the evening. I thought it would be easiest to get a cab on Canal Street but it took a little while.

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