Costume Change

I went with Dad to the viewing for Uncle Joe this morning at 11. On the way we had to stop at the Mid City office because the nurse was late. Several familiar and unfamiliar faces were there. I was there until about one when I left with Mom. She took me to the office for the afternoon. I didn’t get much tangible work done today.Dad returned later on and took me to campus for class this evening. Tonight’s final Louisiana history class was about Louisiana politics from about 1965 to the eighties. In the first half of the class though, we discussed our last book we read. Having not read the book, I only know it had to do with the civil rights movement as it related to Louisiana. The class discussion, as directed by Mr. Fontenot, was much more abstract. In large part, the class discussed the failings of public education including cultural issues like parent apathy. The second half of the class was about politics since the sixties, mostly discussing Governor John J. McKeithen and Edwin Edwards.Dad picked me up after class. That evening, I watched Boston Legal and fought with my computer some more. It has been crashing more frequently, suggesting a hardware issue. I went to bed early with Memtest86+ running.

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