Dad and I made it to the office just before 11 this morning. I spent the afternoon finishing up the outstanding discharge reports and getting them ready to send out. I left the office before I had the chance to actually do so, however. Dad dropped my downtown to catch the 4:40 shuttle this afternoon. This evening’s art class, the last one, started with the class filling out the student evaluations. Afterward, Mr. Bayer lectured for about an hour about gothic art, mostly painting and sculpture rather than architecture. The lecture was only about an hour this evening. Before dismissing class he mentioned some things that would be on next week’s test. On my way out I picked up the test I did last week. I didn’t do as well as I thought I did, which almost never happens. I usually predict my grades rather accurately. I always know when I don’t know.Dad picked me up from the LBC about 30 minutes after class ended. When I got home I started testing the other stick of RAM in my computer which was rife with errors. I used my computer for a while without the defective RAM and there were no problems so I’m practically certain this was the problem. A software problem would have been cheaper but I’m actually somewhat relieved because I thought the video card could be failing much more expensive. Before bed this evening, I finished the take home math test.

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