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Work the past three days has seemed unproductive, partially due to low hours. I’ve been leaving work early for one reason or another.Class this week hasn’t been bad, it certainly could have been worse. Monday’s visual communications class was exceptionally dull and the demeanor of the somewhat sparse class reflected it. I have no immediate recollection what the class was about. Luckily the boredom was not lost on the instructor and he mercifully dismissed class early at 7:30.Tuesday’s Louisiana History class wasn’t bad. We discussed the early American period and Louisiana’s relevance in the War of 1812. Class ran longer than I would have liked but it wasn’t a big deal because I had something to do after class other than run for the shuttle.Following the dancing lessons on Thursday, there was a practice session this evening sans the instructor. There were only eight of us present including Andrey and myself. It was a good sized group to practice with though. I had the same partner through most of the hour-long session. We went over the steps we (sorta) learned last week. I did slightly better but I still suck. I caught a cab afterward and arrived home at about 10:30.Dad dropped me off downtown by the shuttle stop early this evening because he had to go to the west bank office for some reason. I cracked open my art survey book to look over some things and found the study guide for this evening’s mid-term exam. I completely forgot about it. I was somewhat fortunate though in that I had time to study both on the bus ride and later on campus before class. After I got off the bus, I walked over to the Reily Center to get a special club sport pass so I can get in for the dance lessons without buying a full membership. Andrey sent me the forms for this earlier at work.With this taken care of I walked over to the art building and poured over the study guide with my textbook before class. The test involved identifying slides with photos of ancient works of art. I figured the best way to try and cram this much material was to look at a photo and then handwrite the name of it. I find I often remember the act of physically writing something down.Although most classes reserve an entire class period for an exam, Professor Bayer gave an hour-long lecture on Etruscan art prior to the test. He does this with quizzes too and it bugs the hell out of me. It’s a severe disservice to us slackers who try and cram just before tests by bombarding us with a bunch of new information that is not immediately relevant.After a ten minute break we began the hour-long test. There were 20 multi-part questions with accompanying sides. We had three minutes for each question. I could have done a lot better but my last minute studying definitely saved my ass. In the future I will be writing assignments in a small notepad rather the notes on my computer which I seldom read. Dad picked me up from class after class. Later this evening I watched some TV, the first half of a movie, talked to Krystle and did some laundry.

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