Better… Not Great, But Better

Mom, Dad and Andrew left early this morning to fly to Detroit. They will be gone through the weekend so I’ll be running the office and have the house to myself. I got a cab to the office and arrived at about 11:30, later than I would have liked. The office was pretty quiet today as it usually is on Thursdays. We did get two new patients called in though.I left the office at 4:15 to catch a streetcar downtown to catch the medical school shuttle to get to school. I left later than I liked but I was able to just catch the shuttle to go uptown. This evening’s math for information technology class was a continuation of sets and we actually talked about venn diagrams, bringing back memories from middle school. The class was actually somewhat entertaining.After class, I walked over to the Reily Center. I attended the ballroom dancing lessons again this evening. The turnout was lighter than last week but there’s wasn’t a large disparity between guys and girls which works out better. The first 15 or 20 minutes of the class recapped the steps we learned last week. One of the first things the instructor mentioned was to keep your heels off the floor to making moving about easier. I suppose it was acceptable for her to assume people would notice but since I’m a complete moron I was trying to dance flat-footed last week, which didn’t work out so well. With this newfound knowledge I did much better this week. I nearly have the steps from the first week down now. A few new moves were introduced this evening. I didn’t do so well with the new stuff but I know I’ve made a lot of progress which was nice and made this evening a lot more fun than last week.Andrey invited me to accompany him and his friends to Vera Cruz again this evening. It was largely the same crown as last week with the exception of Sona. I met two new people this evening, Patrick and Angela. The crowd was pretty tame when we arrived although things picked up later. Andrey and Veronica left at about one and I got a cab home not too long after that.

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