Wet Indy, Roller Skating and Otra

I stayed home from church this morning and spent the better part of the afternoon watching the Indianapolis 500. It was an exciting race, when the cars were actually racing. The race was delayed several hours by rain halfway through and later ended early by rain. Dario Franchitti won the 500 on lap 163 as the rain started pouring again over a caution flag spurred by a multi car crash just before.While the race was still going on, Bianca came over for a while. We were there until Andrey picked us up to go out for the evening. Andrey brought up the idea of going roller skating, which I was fine with, although it’s not something I excel at.We went over to Skate Country in Gretna. It was quite crowded this evening. I’m not sure if I should have been surprised. Overall, it was pretty fun, although I was thoroughly reminded that I’m out of shape and can’t roller skate. I do much better on ice.We went to a nearby caf for a while afterward. I got a little something to eat while I was there. At about ten, we took Bianca home. After stopping quickly at my house, Andrey and I went out to the Dragon’s Den on Esplanade. Otra was playing this evening. I’d been planning on going to this show for quite a while. Dad had been there a good while when we arrived late. There was a healthy crowd for the cramped venue, but you could move around. The band actually sounded quite good in the tight quarters. We were there until 12:30 when we went home for the evening.

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