Memorial Day

The family and I went out to a little Memorial Day party this afternoon. We drove out to Destrehan to the parent’s house of one of Mom’s coworkers. I’d met Jessica once before but I didn’t actually know anyone there. Most everyone there was in Jessica’s family. Her parents have a sizable house with a pool, not bad at all for hosting gatherings. The weather was nice and the food was good so I can’t complain. We were there until about four and then left. On the way home, we stopped in Metairie to visit the family there, both at Aunt Doris’ and Aunt Dionne’s house. While I was there I tried to work on Dionne’s computer, which has several issues. I ended up taking it home to work on. As I was repairing in this evening, I noticed some physical disc issues which complicated things considerably. Later thing evening, I talked to Bianca and then Krystle on the phone before bed.

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