Venezia Open Again

This entry is a couple days later so I don’t remember much of the work day. I think I worked 11-4 but I’m not entirely sure. I know I had a lot of dictation to work on and didn’t get all that much done. Working on my 10 inch laptop is getting more than somewhat annoying.What I do remember is lunch. I walked across Canal to Venezia, an Italian restaurant on North Carrollton that just reopened last week. I only patronized the place a few times before the storm, but I enjoyed it very much. It’s a great little neighborhood place with good food and good prices.The freshly renovated dining room was a bit brighter than I remember, although that may only be because the front door was left open to the beautiful weather today. The back of the restaurant was rearranged somewhat with the bar being moved up from the back room it was in before.I had the fettuccine alfredo with shrimp, which was decent, although I didn’t care for the floury texture of the sauce. Eventually they will probably do takeout and I’m sure they’ll get a lot more of my business.

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