Tulane vs. SMU

Dad and I arrived at the mid city office not long before 11 this morning. I ha plenty of dictation to work on but I didn’t get as much of it done as I probably should have. We left the office at about 5:15 and dad took me to Tulane for my class this evening.Tonight’s colonial Louisiana history class was about the last 20 years of French rule (1742-1762), which ended after the Treaty of Fontainebleau following the seven years war. We learned that class was actually not canceled last week as the chalk board said. The professor seemed to have taken it pretty well.Class was dismissed uncharacteristically early at about 7:30 this evening, especially unusual since we have a mid term exam next week and I was expecting some sort of review.After class I walked next door to Fogelman Arena where Tulane’s Women’s basketball team was playing Southern Methodist University. I came in as the second half was drawing to the close, the score after which was 36-34 Tulane.In the second half, Tulane started to fall behind, as far as 10 points as one time. They bounced back late in the half with a 24-8 run to retake and hold the head to end the game with a final score of 78-72.

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