This afternoon, Mom, Dad, Andrew and myself went uptown to see the Endymion. We spend the day near Superior Grill at St. Charles and Amelia St. We got quite lucky with the parking spot. I’m not sure exactly what time we arrived but I think it was around two o’clock. Not long after we got there we got our name on the list at the restaurant for dinner. There was a three hour wait, which wasn’t really a problem.When we arrived, Tucks was still passing. The crowd today was impressive, there were people everywhere.At about 4:30 our table was ready at Superior Grill. I had the steak and shrimp fajitas which were quite good. Endymion started passing as we were finishing our meal. The theme this year was endangered and extinct species. Endymion is a rather long and elaborate parade with 30 beautiful floats, many with fiber lighting, as well as several marching bands and other organizations. It was a very lovely and enjoyable parade although there was a significant hiccup. About half way through the parade, the ‘dinosaurs’ float broke down right in front of us when a wheel fell off the float. Even though the parade was delayed 45 minutes, the party atmosphere seemed largely unhindered. Eventually it was fixed and the rest of the parade rolled. It was over around ten and we went home not long after.

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