Andrey’s Birthday

This evening, I went to a gathering for my friend Andrey’s birthday at Mikimoto restaurant. Earlier this evening I rode downtown with them to a florist shop on Julia street. Uncle Larry and Aunt Dionne are somehow connected with the owner of the florist who has some valuable parking space adjacent to the far end of the uptown parade route. There was food and an RV there along with lots of people. I waited around with them for a while before catching a cab not long after seven. I called the cab far in advance expecting it to take a while with everything going on in town. However, it showed up rather quickly so I got to the restaurants on Carrollton quite early at about 7:20.I wanted at the bar with my DS for a while until Andrey and the rest of his friends showed up. A few friends, Andrey’s girlfriend, her mother and Andrey’s mother were in attendance. Mikimoto is a sushi bar so that was largely what we ate. This was my first time trying sushi and I was pleasantly surprised, as it’s not bad at all. Even so, eating raw fish is still mildly unsettling so I don’t intend to go far out of my way to eat it in the future. Overall the evening was evenly split between sushi, pleasant conversation and a couple bottles of Stolichnaya. I left around ten when Dad arrived to pick me up.Later that evening I watched Rome and Battlestar Galactica before bed.

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