Some Work and Some Class

Dad took me to Tulane Tuesday afternoon for my one class but it was cancelled so I went to work with him that afternoon. As I recall the office was rather quiet that day but I had enough work to keep busy. Later that evening I watched Boston Legal and Cube. The movie was kind of interesting to watch but the ending was disappointing as I was expecting at least a partial explanation of purpose. I went to work with Dad on Wednesday as well, but we didn’t get to the Metairie office until three. Among other errands and a stop for lunch, we picked up Andrew from school at 2:30. I had some dictation to work on over the course of the afternoon. We left at about six, we picked up some dinner at Nacho Mama’s, the place I frequently get lunch at. Later that evening I watched Inside Man. Before going to Tulane this afternoon (Thursday), I went to get my hair cut, something that’s needed doing for a couple weeks. Professor Barron was absent from class this afternoon, although it wasn’t cancelled. We still had the test that was scheduled, but without the benefit of the review that was supposed to take place on Tuesday. I walked to Maple Street after class and went to Fresco’s Caf for lunch. I got the ham and cheese sandwich, which was decent but too big for me to finish. After lunch as I was walking back to the library, I stopped in the Maple Street Book Shop out of curiosity. I walked out with a copy of The Prince. I was in the library from about two to five waiting for my evening class. This evening’s class was mostly about the technological history of television but it was difficult to get much done in this evening’s Art and Craft of Television class. Ironically enough, The Best Damn Sports Show Period was filming right outside the Mayer building. The noise was sort of manageable until the live musical performance by Robert Randolph and the Family Band started. We took a break at that point to wait for the show to end. The band was actually pretty good. After class I took the shuttle downtown. I planned on taking the ferry to the west bank but it was closed. I went to the Sheraton for a little while and dad picked me up from there. Later that evening I watched the first couple episodes of the HBO series Rome.

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