No Work Today

On the way to work today, I stopped by Aunt Dionne’s house for a while to help her set up a wireless router. I wasn’t expecting to be there long but the thing gave me a lot of trouble. I finally go it working but it was well after three by then. Aunt Dionne drove me to the office and I arrived sometime around four. I didn’t do any actual work when I was there. Not long after I got there, Dad and I left to drive to Slidell to see West Jefferson High play Salmen. Bianca and her daughters were there too. The game can be summarized rather simply. Salmen didn’t have a chance in hell, their offense moved the wrong way half the time and the defense couldn’t stop the run or the pass. Salmen used to be a powerhouse but I understand they lost a lot of good players to the hurricane. The final was 40-0. There was some other prep football news of circumstance this evening. John Curtis went up to Alabama to play Hoover High School, the top ranked team in the nation and won 28-14. It was pretty late when I got home but I stayed up a while and watched a few episodes of Rome.

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