Thank You for Smoking

I went to work with dad for one this afternoon. I spend the work day just transcribing reports that were waiting for me over the weekend. Dad and I left the office at about six this evening. Dad dropped me off on Poydras Street. I asked Bianca to meet me in front of Mother’s restaurant. I found her walking past the court house. The crowd at the restaurant was very manageable this evening. It was nothing like what I’ve seen of their lunch crowds. I ordered the crawfish etouffee and Bianca got the red beans. The wait seemed a little long in relation to the number of customers in the place but it was no problem because the food was great. This was only my second time patronizing Mother’s but I’m reasonably confidant they don’t have a single bad dish. Bianca and I finished dinner shortly after seven. We walked to Canal Place where we went to see a movie tonight, Thank You for Smoking. The movie is a satire centered around a lobbyist for the tobacco industry and his son. Like the trailer, the movie was hilarious and I enjoyed it, as did Bianca, who’s ‘complained’ about me taking her to see depressing movies in the past. After the movie, Bianca and I walked around in the quarter a bit looking for some dessert. Although there’s really only one choice in my mind, Bianca felt like something cold. We stopped in a couple T-shirt shops as we were walking and we saw that guy who plays music on glassware in the quarter. This wasn’t the first time we’d seen him, although I did tip the guy this time. The Haggan-Daaz just behind the Cabildo was open so we got something from there. After we left there we walked around a bit and then caught a cab home. Late this evening, I watched the 24 season finale. The produces apparently have this thing against happy endings, although successful outcomes are fine.

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