Four More Years

I was hope almost all day today. I did leave the house for a little while this afternoon to go vote. The runoff election for the mayor’s race and some city council and assessor seats was today. The mayor’s race between incumbent C. Ray Nagin and Lt. Governor Mitch Landrieu has been big news both locally and around the country. That being the case, I don’t need to detail it yet again. I spent the evening watching the election returns come in and browsing eBay. The mayor’s race, like the other elections, was very close. As more precincts came in, the lead changed hands a few times. When it was over, Ray Nagin won, as I’d predicted, but only by about 5,000 votes. I found his victory speech to be rather amusing. The only problem with it was he said it wouldn’t be a typical Ray Nagin speech, which was far from the truth. Sunday: Aside from church, I was home all day on Sunday. I spoke to Bianca this evening. She told me she was in town and we arranged to have dinner together tomorrow.

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