Uncle Larry’s Surprise Birthday Party

As Tulane was unable to have proper homecoming festivities during the football season due to the hurricane, they were held today during the Tulane/Rice baseball game this afternoon. Mom, Dad, Andrew and I went out to Zephyr Field this afternoon for the game. We packed some food to take along. The weather was warmer today than it’s been previously, but still very pleasant. The presentation of the court took place on a stage in front of the field before the game. President Cowen was there. The game today was very much like the one last night. It was a pitchers duel without much hitting going on, lots of missed chances. Tulane scored a run in the first. That lead held for the better part of the game. It wasn’t until the eighth inning that Rice answered with three runs, taking the lead. We had to leave the game early as we were going to Uncle Larry’s surprise birthday party this evening. As these things go, the party-goers are supposed to arrive before the guest of honor. That was regretful as we missed some impressive drama at the end of the baseball game, of course we still lost. We listened as Tulane managed to get one run in at the bottom. Although they managed to load the bases in the bottom of the ninth, they failed to get any runs in, and Tulane lost, rather disappointingly, with a final of 3-2. Several familiar faces from Dad’s family were in attendance, but I didn’t know most of the people, friends of Larry, including the owner of the house the party was held at. It was a pretty decent party. There were lots of people, 300 pounds of boiled crawfish and lots of other food. Larry was sort of surprised. Beyond that I don’t feel like describing it further. Dionne’s cousin had me ‘film’ Larry’s arrival and the opening of gifts. We left the party sometime after nine.

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