Business Man’s Special

Rather than going to work this morning, Dad and I went to see Tulane’s baseball team play Nicholls State this afternoon. Things didn’t look great early in the game. Tulane wasn’t hitting the ball. Nicholls State scored single runs in the first, second and fourth innings. Tulane finally answered in the bottom of the sixth with six runs, partially possible by a couple of errors by the opposing team. Each team scored one more run in the eighth, bringing the final score to 7-4. Although it was certainly a nice Tulane win, they certainly could have looked better against such mediocre opposition. While we were at the game, Dad was approached by a WWL TV reporter, who asked to interview him, mostly regarding the fact that we were at a baseball game in the middle of the work day. He returned later between innings and conducted the interview, which didn’t take long. We stopped at McDonalds after the game because Dad wanted some lunch. I had something to eat at the game so I wasn’t hungry. After he finished we went to the office for a little while. Although I had some work I could have been doing, I never got around to it. We left around five, having accomplished nothing really. We went to Lakeside mall afterwards. AT the time I thought there was a Journey’s there, but it’s actually at the Esplanade. Dad and I stopped in a number of stores. I ran into Don Aperwhite, a former classmate from Karr at one of them, where he was working. Sadly, I didn’t know his name until I looked it up in the yearbook so wouldn’t have to leave a blank space here. I only bought a few t-shirts from Gap. We saw the news when we got home, channel four used a couple sound bites from Dad’s interview, most notably: “A bad day at the ball park beats a good day at the office�” This evening, I finally got a shipping tracking number for the Viliv P1 I ordered almost a month ago. Beyond that, I don’t remember anything of circumstance happening tonight.

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