Affirmative Action

Grandma and Uncle Larry left early this morning to fly back to Georgia. I didn’t work today again as Dad would have been unable to get me to my class this evening. I left the house shortly after two to catch a bus downtown. While I’m not intimately aware of the bus schedule but I do know it runs every half hour. Something must have been up because I waited over an hour for the bus, eventually with a handful of people. As I arrived downtown later than I wanted, I didn’t really have the time to mosey around downtown. The timing did work out well in that I caught the 3:40 shuttle with just a little time to spare. I went to the library for a while after I arrived on campus. I left around 5:30 to make my way to Newman for class this evening. This evening’s speech class knocked out the rest of the debates. I think myself and a classmate I debated with went second or third, I’m not sure. Topics other than ours were gay marriage, capital punishment, and the local upcoming election. The gay marriage one was especially entertaining. Myself and Kirsten debated the instructor as there was a shortage of debate partners. We were arguing against affirmative action. Professor Hanemann was a formidable opponent, even though he apparently made no prior preparations though. I think we did pretty well. I didn’t have any trouble getting my words out. The audience appeared to be largely on our side, although they’re majority white. I was hoping to get out of class early this evening to see the mayoral debate that took place at McAlister auditorium this evening, but I didn’t get out nearly in time for that. I did get out in time to catch the 7:50 shuttle uptown. Dad picked me up in front to Tidewater to take me home. We had red beans for dinner and watched yet another jaw-dropping episode of 24 afterward. Later that evening I ‘participated’ in Star Trek 2.0, an ‘interactive’ TOS airing on G4. It involves an on-screen chat of sorts and a “Spock Market.”

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