Work at School

Dad didn’t have time to take me to the office and then to school in time for my 4:30 class this evening so I took the dictation with me to school this afternoon. On the way I suggested he drop me off downtown and I’d catch the shuttle to save time. I just missed the 11:40 so I sat in a nearby hotel for a little while until the 12:10 showed. I did a little work in the lobby and then on the bus when it showed. I went to the library after I arrived on campus and did a few more reports. I finished the first tape which had a couple of long discharge reports on it, but I didn’t have the will power to start the second tape. I went to the Boot for some lunch. The bar lost power after I’d been there for a little while and was eating. It didn’t seem to be a huge deal though. I remained there for a little while after I finished to catch up on a couple log entries. I left just after four to get to this afternoon’s class. This afternoon's psychology class wrapped up the instructors lecture on consciousness and sleep, mostly dealing with sleep disorders. I caught the 5:50 shuttle downtown. It was nearly 10 minutes late in leaving as the driver agreed to wait for a couple people missing from a group of friends. Dad picked me up in front of Tidewater and we went home, stopping on the way to wash Dad's car. We had spaghetti for dinner. Finales for the SciFi Friday shows aired tonight, most notably Battlestar Galactica. It was probably the most jaw-dropping episode of any show I've ever seen. I won't know until October if that's a good thing or not.

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