Assembly Required

Dad and I left the house for the Metairie office sometime before 11 this morning. Before making it to the Metairie office we stopped at McDonalds for lunch. I had a lot of dictation to do today but I never got to it. The computer desk we picked out on Tuesday arrived yesterday and I spent a lot of the afternoon putting it together. I remember thinking in the store it would take me about an hour, but in actually it was more like three. It is a rather nice desk though, as it should be since I picked it out myself. I think I was done some time around 3:30. Although I could have gotten around to some of the reports this afternoon, I couldn’t muster the initiative. Dad took me uptown after we left the office at five. I got to Tulane with plenty of time to spare. We received our take home mid term exams in this evening’s media and the law class. There was a lecture too but I don’t remember that, mostly because my attention was divided between that and working on the mid term on my laptop. I think class ended earlier than usual but I didn’t stay around to find out exactly when. I left in time to catch the 7:20 shuttle downtown. I was the only one on it. Dad picked me up by Tidewater when it arrived downtown. The evening following was uneventful.

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