Desk on the Way

I think Dad and I left to go to Metairie sometime around noon. On the way to work we stopped at Office Depot on Veterans to pick out a computer desk for the office. We’ve been short on a desk over there up to this point, which has been a bit of a hassle. I picked out a pretty decent one and Dad also picked out a new filing cabinet. They’ll be delivered to the office tomorrow. Before making it all the way to work we stopped at a nearby McDonald’s so I could pick up some lunch. We finally arrived at about one. I worked on a couple reports and bills through the afternoon but I don’t recall being particularly busy. There were about a dozen patients through the clinic today though. We left the office at about 5:45 and headed home. We had red beans for dinner. We were going to have them on Monday but I forgot to soak the beans overnight on Monday. It didn’t bother me though as I was actually home to eat them tonight. Nobody else ate much as everyone else in the house was sick one way or another. I did a little laundry this evening and watched a rather amusing Boston Legal episode. That was about it though.

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