Demonstrative Speech

I didn’t go to work today, I think Bianca worked the Metairie office by herself today. I didn’t do much of anything this morning, although I did work on some initial reports at home after one this afternoon. Dad and I left the house around four so I could get to class. He had some patient’s at the west bank office late tonight. I went to the library for a little while before leaving to go to Newcomb at about 5:30. A lot of students were already there for the 6 o’clock class this evening. Tonight’s speech class featured some demonstrative speeches in which the students would ‘do’ something in front of the class. There were a couple people that tied neckties, someone detailed the weight watchers points system. Someone else has the class make ‘cups of dirt,’ basically chocolate pudding, a smashed Oreo cookie and a gummy worm mixed together. One rather over-long presentation had a girl showing how to apply Halloween makeup. For my speech I demonstrated how to upgrade the RAM in my laptop. I was one of the few people who stayed within the time limit. My presentation went ok, although it was hard to maintain eye contact with the audience while removing screws from my computer. That didn’t bother the professor much. I got an 88%, B for the speech. Apparently I still say ‘um’ too much. Class was dismissed at about 7:30, so I just missed a shuttle downtown. I went to the Boot for a little while to wait for the 8:20 shuttle and got a drink while I typed most of this. I took the 8:20 shuttle and Dad picked me up downtown. Later that evening after I got home I watched a rather brutal two-part episode of 24. After I watched that I talked to Ami on the phone for almost an hour before going to bed.

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