Media and the Law

I got up at a half decent hour this morning. I did a little bit of work today at home, just a couple of reports. Dad took me to Tulane at about 2:45 this afternoon. We stopped at the bank on the way. I got dropped off in front of the library. I went there briefly and found out I still couldn’t use the internet with my laptop. I walked over to the laptop station in Richardson to get the problem fixed. As it turns out, nothing was really wrong, but the Tulane network doesn’t broadcast an SSID (anymore). After I left Richardson I walked over to the Boot for something to eat before class this evening. I was there for a little while before going back to the library. I had the net working on my laptop and I remained there about a half hour before walking to Gibson Hall for my class this evening. My class this evening was Media and the Law, instructed by Stephen Gernhauser, an attorney. The class deals with various forms of media and the first amendment, but you wouldn’t have figured that out attending the first session this evening. Most of the class time was spent by the professor and the class discussing personal experiences associated with hurricane Katrina. The professor started first. He was one of a couple people in the room who lost everything. This went on for a good while. The last several minutes were spent going over the syllabus and what the class is actually about. After class I walked to Freret and McAlister to catch the downtown shuttle to get home. It showed up about 10 minutes after I got there. There were six or so other people waiting as well. After the bus got to Canal Street, I walked down to the riverfront expecting to take the Algiers ferry to the west bank, but it already stopped running. There was a guy parked in an RTA vehicle near the landing. I asked him about the hours but he had no idea. Nobody on his radio had any idea either. I called Dad and he had me meet him at the Sheraton, just up the street. I waited inside for a little while before he arrived. I made myself some soup for dinner when I got home. Beyond that I don’t remember doing anything.

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