Back to Tulane

Monday was another rather quiet day, as was Tuesday. Aunt Lauren and Arien went home on Tuesday. Watch Boston Legal was pretty much the high-point of Tuesday. This morning, Dad and I went up to the new Metairie office to start setting things up. We took a bunch of equipment that was in the Mid City office before the storm up there. To be honest, we didn’t get that much done in the time we were there. We did get the wall brackets for the EMS machines up though. I cleaned the windows and door in the front, which were actually pretty dirty between the dirt the storm flew around and the dust generated by the recent renovations. Dad took me to McDonald’s at about one to get some lunch. It was pretty crowded but I didn’t have to wait terribly long. I took the food back to the office where remained for almost another hour. I got a ride to Tulane around two this afternoon. Dad stopped at the post office on the way. This was actually my first time being uptown on St. Charles Ave. since the storm. At a casual glance, things actually looked pretty normal. It didn’t look like many trees had been downed in the area. I used the phrase ‘causal glance’ for a reason though. Dad dropped me off in front of Gibson Hall. I first went to see my student advisor, Ms. Houston, as I was curious how valuable the classes I’ve scheduled will be to my major. Although I thought two of them were pretty irrelevant, it turns out I have still have all of my general elective credits open and all of the classes I scheduled will contribute to my major. We talked for a while before I left and made my way to the library to remain for a while before my first class starts at 4:30. Walking through the campus, things look pretty good. That’s the case because an incredible amount of work has been done on campus since the storm and the work looks pretty good. It was quite nice to walk through the campus and see things intact. My first class this evening was introductory psychology at 4:30. It takes place in a large auditorium in Richardson. About 70 students showed up, although the professor, a Dr. Brian Edwards, said only half of those who signed up showed. Most of the class period was spent going over the syllabus, which was hardly out of the ordinary. It took about an hour though. Myself and obviously some of the others thought that would conclude the class but we weren’t so lucky. The professor lectured until the end of class at about 5:45. The professor defined psychology and went on to talk about how broad a field it is. Class ended with just enough time for me to walk across the quad to Norman Mayer for my second class of the evening, which started at 5:45. This class was Consumer Behavior I don’t really know why I’m taking it. The professor wasn’t there, but a substitute was. Ms. Ann Ogden said she’d be teaching the class until the regular professor arrives in February. This is a considerable turn-off, even though Ms. Ogden is a nice lady, I’m more worried about being a month into the class and finding out the regular teacher is intolerable. That said, I may very well drop the course. There was no getting out early tonight either. The professor didn’t go over the syllabus until the ned, and then only briefly. The first session covered the first two chapters of the book, mostly basic introductory stuff I don’t feel like elaborating on. Basically, the class is about ‘why people buy what they buy,’ which was also my response when the professor asked what we thought the class was about. If I keep this class, it may be interesting basically having two back-to-back psychology classes works. After class ended shortly after eight, I walked back to Freret St. with the intention of catching a bus downtown and meeting Dad. The bus didn’t come anytime soon though and Dad came and picked me up. I didn’t do much of circumstance in the evening. I looked for at the class schedule again to no avail. I started watching a movie rather late and didn’t finish.

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