Church was pretty crowded this morning, especially compared to the turnout I saw when I was there a couple weeks ago. Later in the afternoon, I went with Mom and Dad to drive around and visit some family. We drove around town, saw Aunt Lauren’s house and went to Lakeshore and by the 17th street canal breach. It quickly became obvious that television does no justice to the harder hit areas of the city. It’s something you just have to see first hand. I’m told that St. Bernard parish, which I haven’t seen yet, is even worse. Before we made it to Aunt Dionne’s house, we stopped at Dorignac's for some groceries and went to have a look at what will be Dad’s new office in Metairie. The building is currently being renovated/repaired and is supposed to be ready within a couple weeks. Like the last time we came to visit Dad’s mother and sister, they were both at Aunt Doris’s house. We walked over there and visited for a good while. I sampled the spaghetti that Aunt Doris cooked earlier. Later, we walked back to Dionne’s house and visited with her, Larry and Brandon for a short while before we went home. Dad cooked some steaks for dinner. Later in the evening I watched The Boondocks before bed.

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