Christmas Eve

This post, like the others of December cover over a week’s time because I continue to lack the motivation to write on a daily basis. Overall, things have been rather boring. I worked a couple days out of the week. ‘Highlights’ this week include the slow death of my desktop PC. Since I returned to New Orleans, it hasn’t been acting the same, even though it simply sat on a shelf for three months. At first it was crashing occasionally when I play Elite Force. It later would crash within minutes of running the program. Since I keep my computers pretty clean, I haven’t tried formatting and reinstalling Windows yet. I thought my video card or RAM had somehow been damaged after sitting in a hot, muggy and un-air-conditioned house for months. I changed out both of these components and it didn’t fix anything. I reseated the CPU and cooler to no effect. I’m confidant my heat sink and fan are adequate. I now suspect something may be wrong with the CPU but it’s hard to imagine such a component working most of the time, seems like an all-or-nothing deal. Lately the computer has been misbehaving in the general Windows environment. The computer ‘stutters’ occasionally, freezing for a second or two. The computer has restarted on it’s own a few times. CPU intensive operations like ripping CDs and DVDs will cause the computer to freeze entirely. I had already planned on upgrading my PC, but I was hoping to be able to wait for AMD socket AM2, due early next year. This round of upgrades will be far more costly since I’ll probably have to buy some things retail this time around and new technologies like PCI Express and SATA will prevent me from buying components individually. I’ve been at home most of this week with few exceptions. I do remember going to Wal-Mart on the 23rd with Dad and Jeff. I’ve never seen it so crowded. The large parking lot was nearly full. I saw a couple familiar faces while I was there, Mrs. Serette and Ashley Acker from Karr. Later that day I talked to Bianca on the phone, who said she was at the store at the same time as me. Today, Christmas Eve, I was home all day. We had barbeque shrimp for dinner, one of my favorite dishes. I stayed up rather late watching Boston Legal episodes from the first season or maybe that was another day this week.

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