Christmas Day

In spite of the events surrounding Hurricane Katrina, this Christmas was just like the other’s our family has had in New Orleans, something we can be grateful for. Christmas fell on Sunday this year so we went to church at ten this morning. I think it’s been almost a decade since the last time the holiday fell on this day. I think I remember going to church on Christmas once back when we lived in Colorado. There was a pretty good crowd at church this morning, especially after all the late arrivals showed up. An un-shingled roof was in place over the part of the building that was damaged. Last week there were just frail looking rafters. A while after we got home from church we opened the presents under the tree. We certainly didn’t get up early enough to do it before church. Among other things, I got the Ken Burns Jazz box set. Sometime between one and two, we had a late lunch. Mom and Dad cooked a ham and sweet potato casserole, a personal favorite, along with several other expected side dishes. It was all very good, especially since I didn’t have to cook. A little later in the afternoon, we drove to Metairie to Aunt Dionne’s house to see my Dad’s family. There weren’t quite as many people there as I’ve seen in the past but there were plenty of people with just familiar faces there. Just like years past, we were there for quite some time and had some of the food, of which there’s always an abundance. I got some clothes from Dad’s family. We left sometime around nine. Later in the evening I dissected an audio tape that Aunt Dionne asked me to make a CD from. The take was severed inside so I had to fix that and put it in another casing. I made a raw recording from the fixed tape but I haven’t run the recording through any noise reduction software yet. Late this evening I watched Cinderella Man, the DVD of which I received from my parents today.

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