Thanksgiving – Thrashers vs. Rangers

I woke up around nine or ten this morning. Aunt Anne cooked some sort of eggs and sausage casserole for breakfast, which was pretty good. I didn’t do much this morning outside of getting clean and dressed. I was still rather tired as I didn’t sleep too well last night. We had Thanksgiving dinner around four this afternoon. Anne and Larry cooked ham, Cornish hen, spinach casserole along with several other side dishes and desserts. It was all very good, especially since I wasn’t involved in the cooking part. A little while after dinner, I went outside with Andrew and Larry. Gas-powered R.C. cars are a little hobby of Larry’s and Andrew seems to have learned a few things during his stay here in Lawenceville. Larry has a little track in the back yard and I watched them drive the cars around for a little while and eventually got a try myself. I didn’t do so well. At 5:30, Dad, Andrew and I drove downtown to Philips Arena to see the Atlanta Thrashers play the New York Rangers. We found parking pretty close to the Arena. Andrew and I loitered for a little while as Dad haggled with the scalpers. He eventually got some pretty good club level seats. With tickets in hand, we made our way inside. There were a lot of people around but it didn’t take long to get inside and find our seats. The Arena has a smallish look too it but is still has plenty of seats. The grade on the upper deck looks rather steep. One side of the arena has no upper deck, but a wall of suites. I don’t think I’ve ever seen to many in an NHL arena before. Then again, it’s been a while since I’ve been in one. I haven’t seen an NHL hockey game in at least eight years. When I lived in Colorado, I saw several Colorado Avalanche games, but I have not had a similar opportunity in New Orleans. I did see a minor league game when the Brass was in town. The pre-game spectacle was interesting, much like what I remember in Colorado. The dark Arena, colorful spotlights, the melodramatic announcer and the fire-breathing mascots hanging from the ceiling. The Thrashers looked pretty good during the first period, keeping the pressure on the Rangers’ defense. Atlanta scored first with a power play goal about six minutes into the match. New York answered a few minutes later with a goal form behind the net. Things looked good going in to the second period, but New York took the lead with a goal 59 seconds into the second period. They scored again about a minute later with a score between the goalies legs, bringing the count to 3-1 Rangers. The Thrashers shortened the gap about 45 seconds later and then tied the game with four minutes left in the period. However, New York answered again and the period ended 4-3 New York. Although Atlanta didn’t look too great in the third period, they played alright. They were able to kill three back-to-back penalties. However, the Rangers increased their lead with a goal mid-way through the third period and again in the last minute of play with an empty net goal. Even though the ‘home team’ lost, it was still a very enjoyable game. Hockey is easily the best spectator sport in my opinion. Television does no justice to the speed and action of hockey. The drive home was about a half hour. I watched some TV this evening and then went to bed.

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