I got up at nine this morning. Mom, Dad and grandma had already left Uncle Larry’s house to take grandma to get a tuberculosis test, largely a formality for admittance of an assisted living facility. I didn’t do much of anything this morning. At about two, I went with Uncle Larry and Aunt Anne to the movies. We saw Jarhead, a movie billed as being about operation Desert Storm. The film is very reminiscent of Full Metal Jacket, in that it was divided into the ‘training’ and ‘combat’ halves. They even used some of the lines from the movie. Unlike the Kubrick film, however, Jarhead didn’t seem to so much be about anything in particular. That may be because no combat was depicted. Rather, the second half of the film was more-or-less about Desert Shield. In any case, the film was disappointing. After the movie we headed back to Uncle Larry’s house, making a few stops along the way. First we stopped at Best Buy at my request. I wanted to pick up a Saitek Eclipse keyboard. What’s special about this keyboard is the keys and lettering light up. On top of that it’s just a very well put together keyboard, nearly silent. After that we stopped for something to eat at a Mexican restaurant. I don’t remember the name but it wasn’t a familiar name. I had some sort of fajita dish which was pretty decent. After dinner we stopped at PetsMart for cat food, and then went home. We watched some TV this evening and went to bed not long after that.

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