Economics Test

There was a test in economics class this morning. I was under the distinct impression the test wasn’t till Thursday so I was at a slight disadvantage having not reviewed some of the formulas I’d need. I think I did alright though. I went back to my room after class. I was back by 11 and I remained there for a while. I was able to listen to most of Rush’s show, eat lunch and surf the net for a while. I stopped by the SGA office after class to send a fax before getting to Madison for sociology class. Today’s session was about various family problems. After class, I sat is Tolliver for about 20 minutes before history. Today’s lecture continued on the civil rights movement. I got some dinner in the cafeteria after class and sat with my roommate’s friend Josh. I went to Tolliver Hall after dinner. Comedian Dan Ahdoot performed at seven. I personally didn’t find the act to be all that spectacular, although I suspect he played down to the college audience. A young lady was sitting next to me taking notes through the performance. I thought she was working for/helping Mr. Ahdoot by gauging the crowd reactions. We spoke briefly after the show; turns out Candace is a writer/editor for the school newspaper. I went home not too long after the show ended. I got on the Internet for a little while this evening. I was shocked to learn of the death of Michael Piller, a writer and producer of three Star Trek series. His death was rather surprising as he was only 57 and I was unaware he was suffering from cancer. Mr. Piller was a significant and positive creative force for the franchise. His open-door policy on scripts gave many writers their first break.

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