I got up at nine this morning, giving me plenty of time to watch the news, browse the net, eat something and get ready for my 11 o’clock class this morning. Today’s French class covered the preposition ‘chez’ and inverse questions. We got our exams back after class, I didn’t do so well. After class I went to Tolliver for a while before getting some lunch at about 1:30. After lunch I sat outside at the red tables for a little while and did some of my French homework. I went back to Tolliver Hall after and remained there for a while. While I was in there it got rather cloudy and dark outside. It started pouring at about 4:15. I was on my computer in Tolliver putting the finishing touches on the website update I’ve been working on for the last two weeks. I got it online at about five. Shortly before six I got something to eat in Tolliver because didn't feel like walking 30 feet in the rain to get to the cafeteria. I went back to my room after I finished eating. There was still a healthy drizzle outside. I just watched some TV before bed.

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