Parents Visit

It was nice and cool again today. I was up and out the door a bit earlier than usual this morning. I had plenty of time to go to Tolliver and get something to eat before class. Today’s French class dealt with more adjectives and their usage. My parents drove into Ruston this morning, stopping on their way to Georgia. I met them in the Caruthers parking lot after class. After greeting them I directed them to the parking lot in front of my dormitory. They brought number of my things from the house I asked for and a couple boxes of food. After unloading the car to a degree allowing me to fit inside, we went to get something to eat. We ended up a Johnny’s Pizza, which I’ve been told has the best in town. I found it to be pretty decent, better than the cafeteria and Domino’s at least. I wanted to get a mini refrigerator for my room. I’d already seen Wal-Mart’s single offering so I wanted to look elsewhere. We went to True-Value hardware first. They didn’t carry any but the owner, “Mr. B,” who greeted us at the door recommended we check a used appliance store. We drove about a mile to it. They had just one, the same model that Bianca has in her apartment. It was damaged however and the price was far from appealing. We drive back to the strip mall where the hardware store is and checked a couple stores there, none of which carried what we were looking for. I still didn’t have a fridge and I needed a few things anyway so we went to Wal-Mart. We picked up the last mini refrigerator on the shelf. I got a few other things including stuff to put in the fridge like Coke and cherries with stems. Shortly after getting home and getting the fridge into my room, Mom and Dad had to be on their way and left. I spent the rest of the afternoon straightening up. All the things from the house were just put on my bed and scattered elsewhere. I got everything cleaned up and hung the posters I asked for from the house. I went to the cafeteria for dinner. Tulane’s football team lost again tonight.

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